Don’t you just love the look of a marbled cake? I certainly do. The swirled appearance and mixture of flavors can take a simple cake to an all new level.

This marbled cake features a swirl of sweet, vanilla cake with a more flavorful cake made with cookie butter spread. Both the flavor and texture are fantastic DR REBORN!

Despite the two different colors of the cake, you still only really need to make one batter. After it’s mixed, simply divide it in half, and mix  one portion. You’ll just need a separate mixing bowl, but very little added effort DR REBORN.

Sweet vanilla cake and cookie butter get swirled together in this soft, sweet, delightful Marbled Cookie Butter Cake! - Bake or Break

You won’t even need to get out your electric mixer for this one. A few bowls and a whisk will serve you well. Getting this pretty cake mixed and into the oven is surprisingly simple and quick. That makes it even more of a win DR REBORN!

The flavor of this cake is really quite lovely. It’s sweet with a hint of that great spiced flavor of the cookie butter. The cookie butter flavor isn’t bold, but it rather gives you a little spice undertone to the cake. This cake reminds me a bit of pound cake, but much softer, moister, and lighter.

This pretty cake is great for a simple dessert or as a sweet snack alongside your favorite coffee or tea. It would also make a wonderful homemade gift. But you’d better make two loaves if you’re going to give one away. You won’t want to deprive yourself of this delightful cake!